Thank you for your interest in the Resource and Support Hub (RSH) Ask an Expert service. Unfortunately, we are no longer offering this service as we move into a new phase of the Nigeria RSH Hub and do not have specific resources available. Please do review resources available on the RSH website, visit our e-learning, register for our newsletters (Nigeria and Global) or message our support email [email protected] so we can help you find the support you are looking for.


ask an expert iconWhat is the service?

The Resource and Support Hub (RSH) can offer free advice and guidance to civil society organisations in supported countries who want support in improving their safeguarding policies or practices, or need help in handling a specific safeguarding problem. From general safeguarding enquiries to specific COVID-19 related adaptations, our “Ask an Expert” service matches CSOs with free SEAH / safeguarding expertise.

Which countries are covered?

Currently, CSOs in Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Sudan can use this service. The list of countries may be expanded in the future.

How does it work?

Using the simple (fully confidential) web form or by writing directly to us at [email protected], CSOs are invited to briefly describe the query or challenge that they are facing, and to provide some basic contact details. Our associates will review the request, and may contact you for clarification or a better understanding of your need. They will then identify someone amongst our team of specialists and ‘match’ the query with a safeguarding expert who can support you.

We are able to offer up to two days of expert time, which can be spread over some weeks (for example, providing on-going mentoring throughout a process) or for a one-off type of engagement, depending on what is required. Our expert pool includes both national and international specialists.

Support can take the form of phone calls, email exchanges and provision of selected support materials, and can take different formats - for example mentoring, quality assurance, advice, desktop research etc. You will be consulted and engaged at every step to ensure we respond to your needs as best we can.

CSO queries need to be submitted in English. Examples of requests could be:

  • Help or advice on conducting an investigation
  • Support with developing or implementing a safeguarding policy or procedure – or adapting existing approaches in light of COVID-19
  • Quality assuring a proposed approach to some aspect of PSEAH or broader safeguarding need

All queries will be handled in strict confidence. Certain queries are not eligible, for example support with drafting safeguarding elements of a funding proposal.



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